Stage 1: Partner

As a Serve Team of World Gospel Outreach, we consider you a partner in the Gospel with us. We believe in developing true partnerships that are mutually beneficial in building each other up in the Lord. First and foremost, we want to build an authentic friendship with you so that we can help impact your faith during the Serve Team process and beyond. We look at the short-term mission trip as the beginning of a long-term relationship that helps you grow in your relationship with God and increases your impact on His Kingdom.



Stage 2: Connect

Thank you for your interest and desire to partner with World Gospel Outreach by being a Serve Team leader. The following information is designed to help answer questions you might have as you go through this calling. It is not a small thing that you are getting ready to step into. I would encourage your church, you, and your team to continue to PRAY!
God has chosen you to lead a trip that will have an eternal impact on your life and the lives around you. Going to another country and experiencing another culture has the possibility of changing your view of the world, you as a leader, and His Church.
“Short-term mission trips are an opportunity to learn from, encourage, and fellowship with believers around the world in the context of long-term engagement with God’s work, focusing on understanding His body and our role in it more fully.” - Steve Corbett
Serve Team Manager USA Contact Information
       Melissa Pantoja (Manager of Serve Teams USA)
Mailing Address
        World Gospel Outreach
        PMB 250
        6068 US Highway 98 Suite 1
        Hattiesburg, MS 39402-8881
Cost of Trip per person
    Airfare (will vary based on location and time of year)
    Ground fee (in country transportation, meals, and place to
            Mission House: $790 (additional cost- medicines, projects)
            Rancho Ebenezer: $690 (additional cost- some projects)
            Belize: $890 (additional cost- fun day activity, 2 meals) 

Serve Team BEFORE Trip Timeline

  • Choose/Confirm Dates of Trip/Get Team Number (8-7 months)
  • Search/Hold Airline Tickets for those dates (7-6 months)
  • Recruit team members (6 months)
  • Fundraising (6 months)
  • Team Meetings (we suggest at least 3-6 team meetings)
  • $200 deposits due (4 months before trip)
  • If Medical team, medical documentation needed (3 months)
  • Online Team form (due 3-2 months before trip)
  • Full airfare $ due- If through FTI (3 months before trip)
  • Passport Copies made / Liability forms signed (1 month)
  • Final Ground fees due (1 month before trip)
  • Bags Inventory/count sent to Melissa Pantoja (week of trip)

Stage 3: Serve

While on your trip:
Spiritual Journey
We consider this to be a part of the spiritual journey that God has for your life. Every morning and evening, the team will have time for devotions and team sharing time. Journaling is a great way to be able to look back and remember what God taught you from this trip and be able to share with others about the life changing experience. There are 7 morning and evening  times for your team to meet while in country. 
Staying healthy/hygiene
We recommend while in country to not drink from the tap or use it to brush your teeth with. We encourage the consumption of plenty of water, but on location there is plenty of purified water for consumption and brushing your teeth. We also ask that you do not eat any food from street vendors. It is important while at  the serve sites to use hand sanitizer often, especially before eating lunch.
We take safety of all nationals, missionaries, and visitors in the highest regard.  We ask that you do not leave the mission facility site or serve team sites. You will leave and come back as a team under the guidance  of WGO staff. Please keep a copy of your passport with  you whenever you leave the mission facilities. Smoking and building bonfires are not permitted at any time
Schedule Changes
Remember, “Blessed are the flexible, for they will not  be bent out of shape.” Circumstances may lead to changes in the scheduled activities at any time
We ask out serve teams for everyone to take turns helping with dishes and dining hall clean up every morning and evening. We ask that team members help with the loading and unloading of ministry supplies. 
Remember that different does not mean that it is wrong. You are there in country as a learner and not there to “fix” or “do” anything for those with a different way of living. Please avoid flirting. Please ignore any stares, whistles, or comments. Avoid any behavior that is suggestive. Withhold from PDA-including within your own group (with exception of spouses). We are there to share the Gospel. 
Please do not bring anything as electronics, jewelry, or anything of great value. Anything you cannot or are not willing to replace, do not bring with you on the trip. We want the attention to be on the sharing of the gospel message rather than valuable physical possessions that distract from our purpose. 
During your stay, you will be housed by gender in rooms or cabins with bunk beds. Each place has three showers, three toilets, and sinks. All of your meals with be a combination of typical national as well as North American food. We will need to know any food allergies your team may have in order to accommodate the menu.

Stage 4: Commit

Next Steps: The mission’s trip is over, and you have arrived back home. How can you still be involved in what God is doing from where you are at?
Your continued prayers for World Gospel Outreach  and the spiritual growth of those in your church is key to continued ministry. WGO is committed to keepyou and your church in our prayers.
As a Christian, we are all called to make disciples. A part of following up from a mission’s trip is continued    discipleship. For the Christian, it is guiding people into a growing relationship with Jesus ChristServe term team leaders often focus their energy primarily on the things that need to be done in preparation for their trips rather than responding to the higher calling of pouring themselves into their team members, spurring them on to maturity in Christ. We know that you will not be able to disciple every person on you team, so we encourage you to connect them to someone who can be that spiritual guide in their lives. Post-trip team get together is a great time to hear and connect those who have not taken their experience to action.
Consider re-committing to lead or be a team member on another visit to World Gospel Outreach. If bringing a group every year is not possible, please consider  other opportunities mentioned on at

www.wgoreach.com. We praise God for your church’s  partnership in the ministry. WGO is committed to staying in touch and building upon a true partnership.



 Please use your trip experience as an opportunity to reach others for the Lord and invite them to start seeking opportunities to serve. You can share your experience with so many of those in your church, otherfriends or relatives who attend other churches, co- workers, etc.

“Impacting the Faith of Christ Followers through Serving and Evangelizing Abandoned Children and the Poor”
World Gospel Outreach mission focuses on three distinct areas:
1.      Reaching the people of Honduras and Belize for Christ through the sharing of gospel message and Serve Teams (medical, etc.)
2.      Impacting the faith of North American Christ followers through Serve Team experiences and then encouraging them to be active in their local church and community.
3.      To strengthen ongoing discipleship with those that we serve in Honduras and Belize.
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Summary of WGO History
It all started from a mission’s trip to Africa. As he was returning from this trip, Danforth felt God speaking to him about his responsibility to care for the poor he had witnessed firsthand.  
A prominent figure in the Honduran government called him with a request to help the people in that country. He visited Honduras and agreed to help only if he had unrestricted permission to share the gospel. 
With his faithful steps and God’s provision to get rice, a warehouse to store it in, and a creative way to ship the rice to Honduras.
WGO founded in 1984 by Allen and Donna Danforth
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A man of God who had a love for children and his belief that every child had incredible potential if nurtured in his or her faith and love for God, deeply marked the work of World Gospel Outreach.  
World Gospel Outreach was the first non-profit organization to be granted tax exempt status by the Honduran Government —a situation that enabled him and Donna to invite others to join the ministry in Honduras. Soon the feeding program grew to medical help and Children’s Home (Rancho Ebenezer). 

In 2014, God once again provided a calling to reach out to Belize and invite teams to help with Discipleship. It is our desire to partner with local schools/church’s in order to impact the faith of others, both Belizean and USA visitors. 

Travel Agent:
            Fellowship Travel International (FTI)
            Contact: Kelly Carson (Group Sales)
            (804) 550-0121 Ext. 137
World Gospel Outreach Website/Facebook:
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                        Ministry Needs
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Frequent Questions and Answers

Is there an age restriction for Team members?
Anyone who is under the age of 14 years of age, we ask thatyou let us know so that we can get this pre-approved by the field directors before any plans have been made.
Are we able to do laundry?
There are no laundry services provided for those coming for 1week only.
What is the weather like?
The weather is a tropical climate. There are only 2 seasons. Dry and rainy season. Please check the weather a few days prior to departure for most accurate information.
Will we have time for souvenir shopping?
Yes. There will be a time for shopping. There are also shops at the airport on your departure date. Most places take credit/debit cards, but please make sure to notify the bank before your trip. Some cards have an international bank fee. 
Will there be a way I can communicate with my family while on the trip?
Calls to the states can be arranged by the team leaders. There is internet access as well, but we will leave that up to the team leaders at their deaccession.
Can I or supporters pay trip fees with a credit card?
Yes. Please ask Serve Team Manager USA for more details.
Is violence or danger a concern?
WGO takes the safety of Serve Teams, missionaries, and national staff as a top priority.  We keep close watch to news and current events in country. We would never want to jeopardize the safety of anyone.