WGOKids is the child sponsorship program of World Gospel Outreach. It is the fund that supports individual children who are under our care at Rancho Ebenezer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Located in the mountains just outside the capital city, Rancho Ebenezer is a community of family-style homes that has been developed as a place for healing and growth for at-risk children in Honduras.
This program offers you an opportunity to give hope for a far better future to a child or a group of siblings by your financial partnership and prayers.
 A WGOKids sponsorship to fully fund a child takes 20 sponsors at $30 per month. This cost covers the child's food, lodging, education, in home care, medical expenses, legal expenses, transportation, clothing, and supplies.

You will receive a welcome kit containing a short biography of the child, a photo/prayer card, a thank you note from the child and a letter detailing the guidelines of communicating with your sponsored child.
Your sponsored child can correspond with you twice each year and you will get an annual progress report on him or her. 
Or you can choose to support the care of all our children at Rancho Ebenezer by donating to WGO ALLKids. When you donate in this way, you will not receive individual correspondence from a specific child but can still be assured that your donation goes directly to the care of all of the kids. 





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