A family based children’s center where displaced Honduran children receive care for basic needs, individual nurturing, treatment for emotional stress, preparation for a future as successful citizens and an introduction to the love of Christ.




Rancho Ebenezer’s lively 80 acre campus serves as home to abandoned, orphaned and displaced children from birth to 18 years of age. We provide caring homes, an excellent education with a bilingual emphasis and vocational training to our young at-risk population. Here, children experience a loving family life under the guidance of attentive caregivers and Mentor Parents who look to their physical and spiritual needs daily, teaching them to trust Jesus Christ with their lives. At Ebenezer Academy, children are provided with a meaningful education, Bible study and vocational training.  They are given age-appropriate responsibility and are taught to work together and to dream of a bright future serving others and serving their country. Meaningful ministry and service opportunities further equip our children to break the cycle of poverty and abandonment, restoring hope for these future productive citizens of Honduras.
Our graduates have served their society in schools, Christian ministry and business. Our hope is that through citizenship, productivity and vital relationships, young people who graduate from WGO’s children’s ministry will set an example of Christian virtue in their homes and communities and influence others for Jesus Christ.




WGO is looking for pre-school through 6th grade teachers for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years. Rancho Ebenezer is in need of certified teachers for Ebenezer Academy, our on-site school that has a bilingual emphasis. Class sizes are extremely small, which allows for a lot of individualized attention in the classroom. 




At Rancho Ebenezer, capable and attentive caregivers along with North American and Honduran couples that serve as Mentor Parents provide the love of a family while demonstrating Christian values in a caring home.