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When you donate to the greatest need, we will ensure that your partnership is used immediately to have the greatest impact as possible.  Thank you for your trust in us!





WGOKids is the child sponsorship program of World Gospel Outreach. It is the fund that supports individual children who are under our care at Rancho Ebenezer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Located in the mountains just outside the capital city, Rancho Ebenezer is a community of family-style homes that has been developed as a place for healing and growth for at-risk children in Honduras.

Your sponsorship of $30.00 or more per month will go directly to the care of the children sponsored at Rancho Ebenezer.   




Have a heart for all of our kids? Want to sponsor them all, instead of just one? WGO ALLKIDS allows you to partner with us to support all of our children, so that they can receive the physical, spiritual, and emotional care that they deserve, in the name of Jesus





100% of the proceeds of your WGO Monthly Coffee Club membership goes directly to helping abandoned children and the poor through World Gospel Outreach. So sit back, relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee knowing you are making an eternal difference! Savor a Cup...Save a Child



We seek to win the country of Belize over to Christ by providing much needed medical services, completing community projects, and sharing the Good News of Jesus! 





The ministry of World Gospel Outreach has seen countless miracles of provision, support and help in it’s over 30 years. But we have never taken for granted the incredible grace or provision of God, and therefore encourage you to consider the commitment of true ministry partnership.





SUPPORT A SOJOURNER These short-term missionaries commit to at least 12 weeks but less than 24 months working with WGO. They are required to pay their own support of $650.00 per month during their time of service and provide their own transportation to and from the Honduras or Belize.





When you donate to CarePay, you will be providing much needed medical care to over 100,000 Hondurans each year.  Thank you for partnering with us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Tegucigalpa!

o be the hands and feet of Jesus in Tegucigalpa!



You can make a donation for any of these Giving Areas by making your check payable to: World Gospel Outreach. Write in the memo section which Giving Area you are supporting and send to:

World Gospel Outreach
PMB 250
6068 U S Highway 98 Suite 1
Hattiesburg, MS 39402-8881


Click on the fund above that you would like to support and fill out the information.
If your credit card will expire soon or has been changed, you will need to re-start your scheduled gift by clicking on the fund above and filling out the new information. Please put a note in the “Additional Information” box that this is a re-start of your scheduled gift. Thank you


Download and complete the form you find here and send the completed form with a voided check to:

World Gospel Outreach
PMB 250
6068 U S Highway 98 Suite 1
Hattiesburg, MS 39402-8881

Your checking account will be autodrafted on or about the 20th of every month.