The Bridge Program


Life in Tegucigalpa, Honduras is quite different from the rural community where the children at Rancho Ebenezer grow up. Many young adults transitioning out of centers in Central America end up repeating cycles of poverty and inability to care for their own children due to the lack of traditional family support and the realities of life. Recognizing the needs of this vulnerable population, WGO developed the Bridge Program in 2003 in order to equip young adults to transition to total independence under Christian mentorship. As youth in the care of WGO approach 18 years of age and high school graduation, they are given training to prepare them for independent life. Each youth leaving Rancho Ebenezer may apply for the Bridge Program, which includes financial, emotional, practical, relational, and spiritual training aspects. In the past, this has taken place in an apartment style building rented and run by WGO as well as in partnership with other ministries addressing similar needs of youth in transition.
The goals of the Bridge Program are to foster development of personal responsibility and practical life skills necessary to be productive Honduran citizens with continued emphasis on Biblical Christian maturity. Bridge Program participants have transitioned well from the vocational education program at Rancho Ebenezer to full and part time jobs in Tegucigalpa. Participants who desire to study at the university level or a trade school receive assistance with tuition costs, and all participants receive great discounts on living expenses in order to allow them to save significantly for total financial independence. We are thankful to God and proud to say that many of our graduates are working professionals in fields such as education, hospitality, sales, program management, social work, childcare, and Christian ministry.